Polluted (ART 5363 A Rough Final Project)

Smog Free


polluted night

Smog At 5:12 AM



Smog Rolling In


polluted financial street

Office View


| heavy | sad | frustrated | unhealthy | despair | sleepy | 

These adjectives are just some that I use to describe the feelings and thoughts that go through my head when the smog comes rolling in. Here in Beijing it changes from day to day. One day you will wake up and it’s a nice clear day. The very next day the smog comes rolling in. I happened to wake up when the smog was rolling in during the night. In some aspects the image is deadly beautiful. It gives the city a mysterious look until you realize what your really seeing.

I was talking to a co-worker the other night after work on the way to the subway. He mentioned that while he was away in Bangkok where the pollution level are within normal levels, he realized just how much the pollution made him not want to get out and be active. I haven’t kept up with my running while here in Beijing because some nights I just don’t want to breathe in all the pollution. There are times when I wake up the next day feeling like I have a cold after a run.

It’s funny sitting in class and listening to my students call the pollution fog. For a long time they were told by their GOVERNMENT that it was fog. Also many think that the GOVERNMENT will solve the problem of the pollution. There is real disconnect here of the role that the GOVERNMENT plays in the problems associated with their country and environment. Many times I want to point out that it was the GOVERNMENT that let in the factories that created the pollution. For a highly educated people there are blinders that have been indoctrinated into them as they grow up about the role of their GOVERNMENT.

The pollution is just one of the many reasons that I will not be staying in China another year.

(I plan to add more images to this as I am told that I haven’t seen the worst yet.)